Cutaan Laser Centrum

The ‘Cutaan Laser Centrum’ [Cutaneous Laser Center] (cutis: Latin word for skin) is a medical center where dermatologists and plastic surgeons can perform laser treatments. It was founded in 1998 by Dr B. Crevits and moved to its current location in June 2003. The CLC disposes of about ten different laser systems in seven treatment rooms and of a floor to perform treatments under general anesthesia. Medical lasers are machines that produce light of one specific wavelength, enabling us to destroy or affect specific target structures of the skin. This way, a dermatological or esthetical improvement can be obtained, without damaging the normal skin structures. Since the nineties, there has been a huge evolution in these machines. Each year, new machines are created: they are improved versions of earlier created machines or they can be used for new applications. The CLC has the ambition to dispose of the best-functioning system for every indication.